My interest lies, not so much in the concerted creation of a narrative, but in its discovery. Blending figurative and abstract elements, I hope to provoke a constant flux of responses, allowing the viewer to access the very same play between different interpretative possibilities that fuels my own creative processes. Through my work, I seek to explore the intricacies of our relationship to the body, while also investigating the tensions which arise between illusory pictorial space and the construction of concrete, tangible images. Fascinated with the formal processes of painting, I like to let the interplay of materials guide me, nudging me along whichever path they seem to be carving. An openness to the possibilities of chance, and the development of a keen awareness of the peculiarities and particularities of materials, is, I believe, key to freeing the image from the constraints of traditional narratives and schemes. By drawing attention to the process of image construction, I hope that each viewer will discover a more personalized and, perhaps, more meaningful narrative then what a singular interpretative framework could ever hope to provide. It is my hope that this confrontation between fixity and play, between tradition and the personal, allows each viewer to cultivate a more intimate relationship with images and art.